Company Profile

Shin Yeh Restaurants have brought a wholesome dining experience for over thirty years. Early on, Shin Yeh deeply rooted itself in Taiwanese cuisine, inheriting generations of traditions. Standing on the principles of insistence, innovation and inclusiveness, Shin Yeh has evolved into unique and international brands.

Starting Up from 11 Tables
In 1977, a businesswoman with a dream set up a small restaurant in a Taipei back alley. Madam Lee Xiu Ying began with only 11 tables, founding the company. She decided to begin with simple home-style Taiwanese dishes. In the early days of the company, this lack of high end banquet dishes proved to be a business challenge, but the initial focus on simplicity and dedication to tradition later proved to be the winning strategy.

Madam Lee was hands-on in developing Taiwanese cooking into something that could be done in a restaurant setting. Next, she took a direct approach in building a clientele, leading the restaurant managers in actually visiting new guests at their places of work to express their sincerity. Over the next five years, this approach, along with the taste of the dishes, resulted in a substantial and loyal customer base. Shin Yeh’s reputation grew steadily due to word-of-mouth, and its customer base has been increasing ever since then.

A Place for Family and Friends
The moment you walk into a Shin Yeh restaurant, you feel the hearty hospitality from the greeting staff. The staff treats customers as their own individual guests. Madam Lee considers all employees as family, and they feel secure about their careers. Employees bring their children into the business, generation after generation. This has built a culture of enterprise and ownership within the company.

Taking Care of Details
There is a degree of charm in the way Shin Yeh so intricately prepares the cuisine. Chefs even specify the thickness of how the green onions should be cut. They have developed their methods literally through years of trial and error. Result: a series of delicate ways to transform ingredients and develop tastes while at the same time improving presentation. Shin Yeh’s suppliers are considered partners, coordinating closely with the company. They research food materials and quality enhancement.

Shin Yeh established brands to make a promise – a promise they make to their guests to offer the best quality cuisine and cordial service. And fulfilling this promise has helped Shin Yeh weather the slumps in the economy. To satisfy the demands for different tastes in different market segments, Shin Yeh founded several brands: Taiwanese, Shabu Shabu, Curry Champ, Japanese buffets and the high-end ambiance restaurant in the landmark skyscraper, Taipei 101. The chain is now extending into Singapore and China.

Smile, because the fortune is at your lips.
Shin Yeh means “flourishing leaves”. The logo depicts those leaves in the shape of smiling lips, full of life and turned upwards toward the sun. The fortune at your lips is the food, the way it was prepared and how it was presented to you. But perhaps most important is how it all made you feel. Shin Yeh provides guests with a wonderfully memorable dining experience.