Eye-catching Modern-day Teahouse with Tasty Dishes
At the beginning of 2018, Shin Yeh introduced “Social Place”, one of the 10 brands of Tang Palace Holdings Co., Ltd. This is a joint venture of the two firms.
A completely new and novel concept, Social Palace re-thinks the traditions of Hong Kong teahouses and Cantonese restaurants .  It combines Hong Kong Dim Sum with Szechuan and Jiansu snack plates.  It uses cooking techniques straight from Canton, boldly blending them into specialties from North and South China.  It goes so far as to offer delicacies with South Asian flavors as well.  Social Place sharply breaks from traditional Chinese cooking methods, and zips across national borders.  The overall emphasis is in two areas:  taste and visual impact, both driven by radical innovation.  Their Hong Kong Dim Sum, with its quaint charm and incredible number of variations, has become something of a food supermodel, as amazed diners snap photos and share online.  This has turned Social Place into a social hotspot.  
It’s a new wave restaurant that challenges teahouse tradition, and makes your restaurant dining interesting and active.  Come and enjoy!