Traditional Taiwanese Taste as a Modern Cuisine
Shin Yeh Taiwanese Cuisine got its start in 1977 in Taipei on ShuangCheng Street and was the founding brand of the restaurant group. At that time,  Taiwanese food was not generally considered as banquet food. For the most part it was sold from streetside stores only as small dishes.  If you wanted Taiwanese banquet style, you would go to north Taipei, to Bei Tou, or you could get a full meal under a tarp by the side of the road.   
The natural terrain of Taiwan, being a mountainous island, provides food ingredients that are incredibly flavorful, juicy and fresh.  Shin Yeh features the natural flavors as it composes masterpiece delicacies.   When local people taste what they grew up eating, their childhood memories spring to life.  
The company founder invited two specialists to bring authenticity: the dessert specialist Master Guan Mao Yin and Bei Tou restaurant Master Chef Chen Wei Nan.  For the restaurants, they developed numerous Taiwan style delicacies, now universally praised. In addition to small, cold side-dishes,  specialty rice porridges and many home-style flavors from the street transformed into restaurant dishes, there are now Shin Yeh signature must-taste dishes such as Fried Pork Liver, Traditional Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs, Braised River Eel, and after-dinner Almond Tofu, Almond Tea, Glutinous Rice and other classic Taiwanese dishes.
Using traditional authentic taste as its foundation, Shin Yeh continues to innovate, keeping in step with the times.  Over the past 40 years Shin Yeh has grown alongside the people of Taiwan and relentlessly exerted itself in Taiwanese cuisine.  It has become not only what overseas Chinese miss deeply, but also the preferred restaurant for our foreign friends visiting Taiwan.

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Shin Yeh Taiwanese Cuisine​  Original Restaurant