Authentic Japanese Buffet, 5 Stars
Shin Yeh began in the restaurant business in 1977 with only Taiwanese cuisine. Twenty years later, they created an additional style…Japanese buffet. This style allows the guests to taste all different types of Japanese under one roof without having to first order at a counter. Presently, there are 5 stores in Taipei and Taoyuan.  Prices are fair and the atmosphere is elegant Japanese.  Cuisine is of finest quality and attracts large numbers of locals and international travelers who want to experience this kind of dining. Shin Yeh Japanese chefs go through rigorous development of their minds and skills, as they must learn and appreciate Japanese culture, paying utmost attention to detail, standards while at the same time creating beauty. They follow the traditional KaiSeki-Ryori methods of Japanese meals, and this philosophy transfers that beauty to the dishes as they are prepared and presented in these restaurants. Head chefs use the seasons of the year as their guide as they select ingredients and prepare dishes appropriate for the time of year.  More that one hundred dishes are offered according to the seasons. Examples:  Spring Snapper, Summer Tuna, Autumn Crab and Winter Duck.  All this is done to allow the customers to taste only the freshest items.
Shin Yeh’s Japanese Cuisine sustainable seafood sourcing policy:
(i) Exclusion of endangered Species: Refer to IUCN Red List, an endangered species of the World Conservation Union, which does not sell ethnic-threatened species.
(ii) Ensure that suppliers are able to provide imported seafood source data for aquaculture and fishing fisheries.
(iii) Establishment of a traceability system within one year for the supply of tuna fish from Taiwan's local fishing vessels, excluding the supply of fishing goods from illegal fishing vessels.
(iv) Support for the establishment of more marine protected areas in the high seas and private territorial waters of the State.