Joy of Sharing One Simple Pot at the Table
“Shabu Shabu” is the Japanese adjective for the sound of dipping an ingredient in boiling water when poaching.  In Taiwanese, “Shabu” translates roughly to “wholesome eating” and can also mean, “Gourmet” .   Shin Yeh liked the sound and the double meanings and so created the Shabu Shabu Brand in 1981, bringing the concept from Japan. 
In the restaurant industry, this was a new concept at that time.  It adopted the ancient Chinese concept of several people at one table with one pot of shared ingredients.  But unlike the Chinese, who cooked in a heavy gravy, the Shabu Shabu method uses clear broth to bring out the best natural flavor of each ingredient, put in successively throughout the leisurely mealtime.  The idea is to enjoy each item slowly as people each other’s company.
In this brand from Shin Yeh, tableside service is warm and attentive. Ingredients are rigorously selected for freshness.  For the sequence of boiling, Shin Yeh looks first at the characteristic of each type of ingredient.  A quick-boil is used to lock in flavors and release them in one’s mouth with natural sweetness, so the timing is carefully watched.  As seasons change, different ingredients are introduced in order to bring delight to the gourmet.  In addition to numerous meticulously designed set meals, barbeque and sukiyaki menus are also offered.  
With Shin Yeh Shabu Shabu Japanese Hot Pot, diners slow down for a real meal together and can smile and say, “Here, let me serve you something special from the pot we share” and gently and slowly do just that.  What a wonderful way to enjoy what is both healthy and a delicacy.