An Unforgettable Experience for Adults and Kids . . . Curry
The rich aroma and warm colors of curry easily appeal to children and grown-ups alike. 
The Curry Champ Brand of restaurant was founded in 2001.  To create a distinctive and exclusive curry that would suit the tastes of Taiwanese, we asked for help from the late Japanese acclaimed Chef Too Jing Jee, who had 40 years of experience.  The curry he developed uses no flour and no artificial additives. Mature hens are boiled for six hours and the extracts from the bottom of the broth are generously mixed with vegetables.  By combining this with slow-fried onions, the resulting texture is rich and creamy.  To respect its essence and let its features highlight themselves, different ingredients are paired with matching spices to create a thick, hand-made sauce.
  • Rice: Selected according to Taiwanese tastes and has a fragrance. It is prepared using charcoal-filtered water, producing rice that is bright and flavorful.
  • Onion Sauce: Uses Australian onions with strong pungency  Slow-fried for 8 hours to release the sweetness of the onion along with caramel flavor.
  • Spice Ingredients: Based on Japanese curry powder, tulip powder, turmeric powder, Chinese parsley, cumin and cardamom, along with spicy Mexican powder, red pepper powder and other spices, which are then mixed in different proportions to make the final various types of curry sauces.
  • Deep-fried pork chops: specially selected from the lean portions of pigs raised in Taiwan. Deep-fried with bread flour, the taste is crispy and the meat is thick, juicy and tender.
The Curry Champ Brand uses only 100% natural ingredients.  The foods and preparation are guided by its values of:  health, delicious taste, life and fun.