Grab and eat.  Dance to your heart’s content.
Loosen the tie.  Let yourself go.  Every 45 minutes, when the staff breaks out into upbeat high energy line dance, feel their heart-thumping energy.  This restaurant brand comes from Singapore, but what you eat is southern USA (Louisiana) style classic Cajun.  No knives. No forks.  When they spill it directly onto your table-cloth, have fun as you eat with your hands just like Cajun folks do. It’s so different that it’s okay to go a little crazy drinking and pigging out on spiced seafood . Feel the vibrant atmosphere and taste the new and delicious.
Dancing Crab in Taiwan gives new meaning to service, as the staff makes what you see and feel a unique experience on your night out.  It’s the perfect fun setting to reward a group or your client. Pop in and take a look!