Where hospitality and passion
make the taste extraordinary
Our founder, one determined woman with  a business dream, opened her first restaurant in a Taipei back alley in 1977.  She had a conviction: traditional Taiwanese home-style cooking should be kept alive.  Business blossomed.  

We have now developed several other brands: Taiwanese Fine Dining at Taipei 101, Taiwanese Shiao Ju , Japanese Buffet, Japanese Hot-pot, Curry Champ and PappaRich Malaysian. 

Our most internationally famous restaurant is in Taipei’s highest landmark, the Taipei 101 building.  With its spectacular view and cuisine, it promotes Taiwanese cuisine abroad, a favorite of international travelers and celebrities who visit here.

There are more than 20 restaurants in Taiwan and abroad. Our chefs insist on the use of local fresh ingredients of high quality and carefully prepare familiar dishes with extraordinary taste; this is the hallmark of Shin Yeh and what makes us different.
“Shin” in our company name means flourishing.   “Yeh” is a leaf.  The logo is a leaf, with each end rising slightly, signifying a smile.  This is our smile of gratitude for our customers and their smiles of satisfaction.