Dining with a View from the Clouds
This is Shin Yeh’s acclaimed world class restaurant, located in the landmark Taipei 101 Skyscraper.  From the 85th floor you will see a panorama of the entire city.  Shin Yeh Dining cuisine and ambience is a convergence of the traditional and modern and it is here that locals connect with international travelers.
The dining experience features the natural sweetness and freshness of local ingredients, exquisite preparation techniques handed down through generations, menu selections that are dearly held, matching acclaimed-brand vintage wines, kind and attentive service typical of Taiwan’s uniquely human touch,  offerings a-la-carte, banquet meals and personally designed special set meals.   Diners enjoy appetizers through dessert in a way that satisfies and completes the taste experience. 
A wedding in the clouds is a special choice with its own charm.  It is an extraordinary event as husband and wife begin a new life story, and their guests witness and take part. 
No matter if it is a business banquet or other special moment in personal or business life, Shin Yeh Dining sets the stage for both the guests and hosts thoroughly enjoying the meaning of the occasion. 

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