The New Taste Trend in Taiwanese . . .Shin Yeh Shiao Ju
Shin Yeh’s  Shiao Ju brand was launched in 2013. We offer the young generation a mealplace for small gatherings, with Taiwanese cuisine in an atmosphere that is relaxed and trendy. 
Shiao Ju chefs have been in kitchens cooking Taiwanese since they were young apprentices, so they have a deep understanding of this food. The skill and technology are first-rate.  Their food creations come from daily life moments of inspiration.  Expressed through different sauces and techniques, the modern flavors are both traditionally authentic and creative. For example, the traditional dish of braised pork feet becomes 3 cups (of special sauces) Q (Chewy) Pig’s Feet.  And the Mandarin name for Preserved Egg with Green Pepper,, “Ching Long Pipi Tswah” is a borrowed sound-alike of the true name in Taiwanese. A standard favorite is “Spicy Hot and Sour Soup with Rice Crackers”.   Then there is our own version  “Treasure Island (Taiwan) Shaved Ice”. 
By design, the cuisine selection, matching of dishes, tastes and budget are all part of the experience our guests will enjoy.  Friends or even three cross-generations of family can share a good time and smiles as they dine in a relaxed and comfortable environment!

《MICHELIN Guide Taipei 2019 Bib Gourmand》
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